About TechManthan

About TechManthan 

Hi friends,

We all are here trying to create a place where people like us can gather and share there technical skills and knowledge with one another and get benefited.

We all welcome you all bright brains to be part of this journey, a never ending one, because there’s no end to knowledge.

Also, any sort of suggestions from any of you all are most welcomed to make this place the happening one.


TechManthan Team:

Sandip Davda – Infosys (Pune) .

Deepak Parmar – Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Pune) .

Priyank Rach – Reliance Industries Limited (Jamnagar).

Himanshu Poddar – Mumbai



  1. anju said,

    Hey this is cool…. looking forward to an update on latest technologies too !!!

  2. Deepak said,

    Davda Mast hain Laga rahe Bhai…..

  3. Pratibha said,

    Hey friends!!!!!!1
    Its such a nice idea so we can share our queries and also knowledge.
    and can have global platform to share our view.
    Keep it up buddies…..

  4. Manu said,

    Kudos for the gr8 effort guys!!

    Hats off…will keep this blog alive and kicking!!!

  5. Apurva said,

    Great work guys…An awsome idea to stay in touch with latest technologies and to share knowledge 🙂

  6. Viral said,

    Great work guys… GOOD JOB… KEEP IT UP

  7. kamlesh said,

    G8 guys. KEEP IT UP. Later on include more Technology.

  8. Aniruddha Gokhale said,

    Great Idea by Great People….
    Wel Done…
    All the Best…

  9. Nishant said,

    Please add unix/linux also as one of the Categories: its good area to update our knowledge.good job done,way to go..All the best

  10. Bhavesh said,

    Good Initiating. 🙂

    Best of luck…

  11. Juli said,

    Hi …

    Wow Great,Keep it up.Wish u all the very best,N I would also like to join u.

    Great keep it up.

  12. Nirav said,

    Nice work keep it up

  13. chandrakant said,

    it’s nice starting keep it on.i have read it daily

  14. Nice concept, so when will you start your first topic ?

  15. anju said,

    a useful site for oracle functions and other stuff… – http://www.techonthenet.com

  16. Anant Bhake said,

    Good work keep it up Congrats

  17. mitesh said,

    i m impress with your innvotion and i will best hope and wishes for r u always in going in right direction and more and more improve perfomance

  18. MAYUR SINH VEGAD said,

    Lage Raho munna bhai…..this is good way to share our knowledge,,,,,with all guy’s……….

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